Pastor Christopher Lee + Dawn Houston-lee

Christopher Lee + Dawn Lee are the senior pastors of Element Church.  Pastor Christopher is an experienced visionary who is  genuinely known for his love of people and wanting God’s best for everyone. You will see the joy of the Lord in him as he pours into senior leaders and their congregations, while preaching, teaching or just hanging out with friends. He knows no stranger. Pastor Dawn is an accomplished strategist and critical thinker who is very successful within both the church and corporate spheres. She is a fun, energetic and outgoing individual who loves to be a catalyst of change for anyone within her sphere of influence.  They have been married 18 years and God has blessed them with wisdom, favor and strategy as they continue to build the Church. 
In 2019 God birthed the vision of Element Church in the heart of Pastor Christopher + Pastor Dawn. A church that would look different than the traditional church today, but a church that is relevant and highly impactful in our current culture while returning to the original design of the Church as given in scripture. 
Pastor Christopher + Pastor Dawn’s vision is to bring the message of Jesus Christ in a fresh and relevant way by building our community based churches that LOVE people to new life in Christ, LIVE planted in community, and LEAD change in our world.